There are many current and future opportunities at Abiding Truth to give of your time and talents to the growth of the Kingdom of God.
Look through the Ministries and their descriptions to help you see where you can get involved.
Contact the main office at (215) 476-7225 for more information and how to sign up.

Christian Support

New Members

To thoroughly educate and indoctrinate each member with the vision of ATM.


To instruct, persuade and prepare our children ages 2 to 12 years old to accept Christ as their savior early in life so that their life can potentially be used in God’s service.

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Having a single eye and ready to die for Christ.


Excite to Ignite, by charging, challenging and changing youth into young mature adults.


Refire not Retire, because there's more to give and more to live.

Women of Vision

To establish a personal relationship with God through the Lord Jesus Christ, thus enabling them to minister to others with a Christ-centered focus.  Our ministering will not be restricted by the walls of the church building but will overflow into the local community and wherever the Spirit of the Lord leads.

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To make men out of males.


Keep on P.U.S.Hing! (Pray Until Something Happens)


To Guide, Guard and Govern through Godly Wisdom.



Each one, reach one, teach one.


To maintain continual concerned communication and contact with all visitors.

Social Service

Spiritually directed and socially connected so people can be Godly affected.


To develop media that is culturally relative, evangelically appealing and spiritually provocative.

We Care

To provide continual care and concern for the sick, dying and convalescing.

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Worship/Events Ministries


Provide a cordial and generous serving disposition toward members and guests.


To develop voice and instrument to the highest spiritual and professional degree for God’s glory, the Pastor’s pleasing and the edification of the listener.


Minister to the needs of the pulpit with due diligence.


To configure instrumentation and sound equipment conducive to producing perfect sound.


To foster a climate of Godliness through exemplary greetings and assistance.


To produce media of impeccable quality.

Church Leadership


To assist the Pastor in guiding, guarding and governing the church body.


To faithfully serve the body of Christ in the practical areas of ministry.


Office Assistant

To assist the Pastor in managing and administering the non-spiritual business affairs of the church.

Church Clerk

To assist the Pastor in managing and administering the non-spiritual business affairs of the church.


To count what counts by counting the account.