Session 6 – Book of Revelation

10/23/2019 Session 6 Slides – Revelation 2:23-29 – Read Revelation Chapter 3:1-13- Look up the Council of Nicaea- PROJECT:—–Build a physical representation of the gloried Lord as described in Revelation chapters 1 and 2. —–Be sure to include the characteristics that John sees ON and AROUND the Lord and bring together the attributes from both chapters. —–The […]

Session 4 – Book of Revelation

10/9/2019 Session 4 Slides – Revelation 2:1-17 – Read Revelation Chapter 3:1-13 10/16/19 What church is addressed within chapter 2 verses 18 through 29?Thyatira (2:18)List one thing that the Lord had against this particular church.They allowed Jezebel to teach and seduce them to commit fornication and eat things sacrificed unto idols. (2:20)Whom will the Lord […]

Session 3 – Book of Revelation

9/25/2019 Session 3 Slides – Revelation 2:1-17 – Read Revelation Chapter 2:18-29- Research to find out what world event(s) happened during the Pergamos period of A.D. 314-590. 10/9/19 ( no class on 10/2/19) What did the Lord have against the church of Ephesus?They left their first love. (2:4)What deeds did the Lord and the Ephesus […]

Session 2 – Book of Revelation

9/18/2019 Session 2 slides – Revelation 1:12-20 – Read Revelation Chapter 2:1-17- Find out what the “Pleiades star cluster” is.- Find out what Revelation 1:10 means by “the Lord’s day”. 9/25/19 Name the seven churches of Asia…in order!Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamos, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, Laodicea. (1:11)The feet of the Lord were likened unto what type of […]

Session 1 – Book of Revelation

9/11/2019 Session 1 slides – Revelation 1:1-11 Read Revelation Chapter 1:11-20 9/18/19 How many churches did John write to?SevenWhere were the churches located?AsiaWho was referred to as the “Faithful Witness”?Jesus ChristJohn identified himself as a brother and companion in what?TribulationHow were the believers washed?In the blood of Jesus ChristWhat two things were the believers made?Kings […]