ATM Daniel Fast 2023



Praise the Lord Saints!!

Here we are at the beginning of another year, by God’s grace. We want to start the year off right by dedicating ourselves and our works to the Lord by way of prayer and fasting. Here you will find how we can strengthen our efforts through the specified Daniel Fast as inspired by the scriptures in the Book of Daniel, spiritually and physically.

As we seek the Lord, we’re asking for those who can, to join us on this fast that will last
10 days
beginning on
Monday, January 9th
and ending on
Wednesday, January 18th.

Download this Daniel Fast Fasting Guide for recipes and assistance in knowing what foods to eat, structuring your bible reading and prayer time and answering other questions you may have about the Daniel Fast.

Also, if you have anything on your heart that you’d like for the community of fasters to take before the Lord in prayer, feel free to join our 2023 Daniel Fast Prayer Forum.

Be blessed as you take this time to discipline your flesh and renew your spirit.

To God Be the Glory!!


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