ATM Fit Hour / Nutrition 365


Saturdays 8:30 AM- 9:30 AM

846 S. 57th Street


Nutrition 365 Concepts promotes the awareness of how eating healthy and being physically active 365 days of the year is important.  Its bigger than a diet which is temporary.  It is a lifestyle change to help people become healthier overall.  This program is being implemented through the ATM Fit Hour which will include free information about healthy eating, healthy nutrition and the importance of making this a lifestyle.

What is FIT HOUR? 
Fit hour is a fun , interactive and motivational workout! For one hour we will push ourselves through physical fitness with great music, smiles and encouragement. 

Who is Fit Hour For? 
Fit hour is for EVERYONE, specifically those looking to lose weight , be in better shape, workout , have more confidence and motivation. 

How Much is it? 
FREE! Yes Fit hour is completely free and donations towards the usage of the church gym to support the upkeep and facilities is always welcome but not mandatory. 
ALSO, if you have can goods (Beans, vegetables etc) and other non perishable food items like macaroni noodles and box mash potatoes, they are welcome as a form of donation! YESS!!! Lets help THE ATM FOOD PANTRY by contributing what we can , when we can and if we can. 

What should I bring? 
A hand Towel, Bottle of water and an exercise / yoga Mat if you have it. 

What should I wear? 
Workout Attire, sneakers, loose fitting and comfortable clothes such as T shirts, sweat pants , basketball shorts and tights are Just fine! 

1. ALWAYS BE on time! You don’t want to miss the fun. 
2. Be prepared to Participate 
3. You will workout at your own pace, JUST DO YOUR BEST! 
4. Be a Team Player 
5. IF you are coming and you have family members who can benefit from this program please invite them out. 
6. DOWNLOAD FACEBOOK/ CREATE A Facebook account (if you don’t already have one ) SO that you can be added to the upcoming “ATM HEALTH & FIT HOUR GROUP CHAT” to KEEP UP with agenda, schedules, general information , meal prep suggestions, at home workouts, daily motivation , daily encouragement, healthy eating tips and more.  This Fit Hour is intended to make you healthier and happier through fitness and healthy eating! Stay connected. 

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